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Evco PLC

Evco PLC System Design

Our expertise in designing and implementing Evco PLC systems has enabled us to deliver bespoke solutions in refrigeration, catering, air conditioning and plant monitoring, utilising control systems which are accessible via smartphones and apps.


We have successfully deployed a number of highly efficient monitoring systems, designed for energy saving, cost reduction and vertical sharing of know-how via the Evco CloudEvolution platform.


Our systems operate in real time with functions such as data-logging, alarm management and multiuser access to remote equipment. We also provide tools for online technical support and HACCP data analysis.


We can develop fully automated systems for you which transfer records to the cloud, simplifying your data management, maintenance and protection requirements.


If you want assistance in implementing an Evco PLC system, contact us now to speak to an Evco expert engineer. We are happy to visit you on-site to minimise any disruption to your operation.

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