Check out MASK's new environmental testing chamber!

Exciting times here at our factory in Cullompton!

We're building an environmental testing unit, which we hope will enable us to replicate environmental conditions around the globe. Here's Nick, working hard on building the bays (and definitely not posing awkwardly while I faff around with the camera).

Because our designs get used all over the world, it's important for us to be able to test our machinery, equipment, and systems in a variety of conditions. After all, what works during a mild Cullompton summer may not work so well during the blaze of summer in Dubai! So what we're aiming for is a unit of multiple bays, each with its own zoned power and zoned network capability. The unit will be a clean, temperature-controlled environment. We'll be able to adjust temperatures within the unit to match situations all over the globe.

Work is progressing pretty quickly. In the future, we might work on introducing relative humidity controls to our testing unit, but we should have the temperature controlled bays up and running by the end of next week. Watch this space!

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