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The cornerstone of our service is our commitment to delivering continuous improvement in your manufacturing and design process. We have the capacity to manufacture large and complex machinery for our clients (although we're equally happy to take on smaller projects!). Where we really excel is in the innovative design and manufacture of unique, custom machinery. We are able to design, test, and build devices, systems, control panels and/or machines to fit our clients’ exact requirements - whatever those requirements may be. We are also able to adjust or integrate existing machinery into new formats.


Whatever your operation, our bespoke solutions offer a cost-effective method of integrating state-of-the-art machines into your existing manufacturing system.


For most of our customers, we deliver custom machinery design, sub contract assembly and proof of concept designs, but we also have an enviable record of delivering software integration, automation and remote monitoring solutions tailored to your unique specifications.


Please contact us to discuss your spec and we'll waste no time in appointing a specialist engineer to come and visit you to learn more about what you need.

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