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Engineering Services

Within MASK Controls we have disciplined teams consisting of mechanical, electrical and software experts enabling us to provide excellent engineering services. Our team's diversity ensures that any aspect of a project is covered by knowledgeable engineers that understand compliance and can design systems that are fit for purpose.

We can offer such services as:


  • Equipment installation - more...

  • Commissioning - more...

  • Service and breakdown - more...

  • Modification 

  • Onsite end-user training 


If your machine has PLC software, we can look after the software so should anything happen, you're covered. We can even look at upgrading the technology to the modern equipment.

MASK Control Systems are a very international organisation. Between us, members of our team hold a wide variety of passports. What this means in practice is that we can get to pretty much anywhere in the world, quickly, without the need for lengthy visa checks etc.

We have worked on sites all over the world and are frequently called upon to perform site visits in far-flung corners of the globe. This is something we are more than happy to do, as it's far better to do a job in context than to try and guess from afar at the kind of conditions our work will encounter.

If you have a system which needs maintaining, manufacturing, or simply requires an expert eye, don't let concerns about distance hold you back. Contact us today - we can probably have someone out to you far sooner than you'd think!

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