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Unitronics PLC

Unitronics PLC & HMI System Design

By utilising Unitronics technology for PLC automation design, we are able to improve on typical lead times for bespoke system design by up to 30%.


Our small and flexible team of expert design engineers are able to leverage vast knowledge of the Unitronics platform to deliver cost-effective large or small-scale automated systems on time and in budget.


Unitronics solutions are suitable for controlling multiple systems across a single site with an all-in-one design. In the past, we've used Unitronics to produce bespoke systems which are fast and efficient, with an unbeatable price-performance ratio. 


Contact us now to speak to a Unitronics expert engineer who can help you (either on-site or off-site) to spec up and design your own bespoke automated PLC system.

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