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New Toy! DC Immersion Dip Cooler

This is not our dip cooler. It is a picture of a nice, cold drink. It was free from Wix. Wix does not have images of immersion dip coolers in its gallery, for some reason.

We've got a fun new toy! A DC Immersion Dip Cooler. Sounds exciting, right? No? Well, we think it is.

Unbelievably, Wix did not have any free images of immersion dip coolers in their gallery. So we invite you to look at this picture of a nice, cool drink instead. We hope that it will convey the general 'cold liquid' idea.

Our immersion dip cooler consists of a compressor (box with a grille, if you're trying to visualise it but don't speak Tech), attached to a flexible hose, on the end of which is a stainless steel immersion coil. It can be used to continuously cool circulating water baths, enabling us to maintain a constant set temperature despite ambient interference.

Refrigeration is a pretty simple principle - you suck the warmth out from one place and eject it in another. In the same way that darkness is simply the absence of light, so cold is simply the absence of heat. Cold and dark are not 'things' in the same way that heat and light are - they're what's left when you take those 'things' (i.e. light rays or thermal energy) away. So, just as you'd remove light from something in order to make it dark, in order to make something cold, you remove the heat.

(Here is a totally relevant picture of winter, which is cold because it receives less thermal energy from the sun)

Our immersion dip cooler will suck the warmth out of a liquid, and jettison that warmth at the back of the compressor. It will make it easier for us to maintain a constant set temperature in liquids. When placed in a circulating water bath, it will constantly drag any burgeoning heat out of the water currents as they pass the coil. It's a handy thing to have around!

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