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That Time We Brought Power To A Korean Island

MASK is a very global company. Between us, our team hold a variety of passports - which is useful when it comes to working abroad. Wherever you are in the world, we can send one of our experts to you quickly, with no need for visa clearances etc. So, when we were contacted by a submarine cable project in South Korea, we grabbed the next plane going.

The Jeju-Jindo HVDC system is a submarine cable, carrying electricity 105km between the South Korean mainland and the island of Jeju. Like all submarine cables it is an impressive feat of engineering – robust, efficient, and future-proof. And we were proud to be a part of it.

The cable link was built to accommodate increased demand for power on the island of Jeju. The enhanced power capacity it brought provided a huge boost to both the local and national economy. However, the project itself was complicated, and required the input of many national and international companies. Our role in this project was to design and install the cooling systems for the equipment.

In an electrical project this large, overheating is a big potential problem. In particular, the stacks of thyristors need to be kept at an even temperature. Luckily, we are very experienced in the mechanics of temperature control, so we knew exactly what to do.

In addition to running cooling operations on the equipment, we built, installed and commissioned the cooling plant for the four nodes which convert HVAC to HVDC and HVDC to HVAC.

Today, the link system runs smoothly and safely – bringing much needed power to the homes and businesses of Jeju.

Jeju is a beautiful island, popular with tourists. If you want to see the best natural beauty that South Korea has to offer, head to Jeju. And, while you're there, think of us every time you charge your phone!

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