About MASK Control Systems Ltd

MASK Control Systems was founded in 2013. Since our foundation, we have doubled our output every year, and taken our expertise global. Our factory is based in the leafy outskirts of Cullompton, Devon, but we work all over the world.

We provide state of the art, fully integrated control systems, and control system services. The future belongs to companies who engage with automation – and we are working hard to provide the best automation solutions possible. Our systems are bespoke, designed to our customer’s precise specifications, and fully cater for their unique requirements.

We are also very good at manufacturing. We now have the capacity to manufacture large and complex machinery for our customers (although we're equally happy to take on smaller projects!). Where we excel is in the innovative design and manufacture of unique, custom machinery. We are able to design, test, and build devices, systems, control panels, and/or machines to fit our clients’ exact requirements - whatever those requirements may be. We are also able to adjust or integrate existing machinery into new formats.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to our customers, and our diligence in working to a very high standard. We have rigorous change control procedures, which ensure that our work causes as little disruption to our customers’ businesses as possible. As such, we enjoy strong relationships with our clients, and tend to find that those who hire us once do so again. 

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